things never to be taken for granted

In no particular order; just what comes to mind at the moment: hot water heat clean clothing water full-sized blankets clean towels soap clean water health coffee clean everything the right electrical outlets/adaptors/transformers for all the gadgets that we have today enough juice in our gadgets to last until we can get them recharged waterproof … More things never to be taken for granted

be a mensch

Or, alternatively, how to exercise while away from home. Today was a very good day to air the kiddies out. So I volunteered to take the boys out of the apartment and try to clear off the car. This is a photo (taken with my phone) of the street at the time, just to give … More be a mensch

oh, no power!

Snow at home without kids at home is mostly an annoyance. And by the end of the season, especially last year, and yes, the year before, I had a very large case of cabin fever, when we could hardly even budge down the street. I have written about my feelings of snow here, I see, … More oh, no power!

oh the power

I should tape the sound coming through the windows for you. Actually, I did, but I’ll have to wait for it to download from my phone. Smart it may be, but me, not so much. I am keeping the trissim ( heavy metallic blinds) down next to me to keep warmer. Yes, I could turn the … More oh the power