oh, no power!

Snow at home without kids at home is mostly an annoyance. And by the end of the season, especially last year, and yes, the year before, I had a very large case of cabin fever, when we could hardly even budge down the street. I have written about my feelings of snow here, I see, almost 3 years ago. But even though I have experienced snow in Israel before, apparently no one in 50 years has experienced as much snow here. This was on Thursday. (Click to open up wide, if you’d like a fuller experience.)



Now this was this evening, after Shabbat.

DSC_0351 DSC_0361

Enough snow to build a wicked snowman. That was one built by some Israelis; it wasn’t just the Anglos who were out in the streets. We did make one, too. Actually, I was appointed the photojournalist to prove that they did do it.


But the problem wasn’t the snow, per se, as you can see. There isn’t that much of it. It’s the fact that they just aren’t used it it, and certainly not lasting over 2 days. That was just too much, especially for their utilities. We had to assume that the power would go out. We just couldn’t take the chance that it wouldn’t, especially over Shabbat. So even as we did as much as we could to prepare for Shabbat on Thursday, we still hadn’t made challah. And we still hadn’t really conceived that there would be no power on Friday, when we would need the oven to finish the baking.

You guessed it–the power was out Friday morning. We still had Wifi (I really don’t understand how that works!) so we found all kinds of recipes for pan bread. But things were going very slowly and that wasn’t happening.

Oh, and I was fasting, which meant I was moving slowly. And there was another couple here who had just returned from Australia with their 4 month-old, along with our bunch of very lively kiddies. Enough chaos yet?

All of a sudden, the lights flickered once; twice; and then yes, they remained on! Quickly, we turned on the oven, and  I found a recipe for a one-hour bread. It actually works amazingly! You can find the one I used here. (Yes, I followed the recipe exactly this time, well, except for switching the sugar for honey, but everything else!)  I remember my DIL having one that she showed me in Australia that worked very well, but this was not the same. But I would not have believed that it would be so successful.

And that was after the beer bottle fell and exploded all over the storage space. That clean-up was definitely not in the plan for Shabbat preparations.

And this morning, when the power went out again, and we moved things we’d need for the day into a freezer bag, and the milk was put into containers that dripped over everything, and then in the afternoon, after the lights went back on, when the container was emptied and more milk spilled out.

We didn’t cry over it.

But then I found more glass slivers in the bathroom, where the baby was crawling towards…

G-d protects the simple.


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