the shawl that matched the landscape

I lost a shawl. I don’t even think I have a photo of it. Usually I’m the one taking the photos and usually people don’t think of taking one of me.

I said usually.

I was on Yafo Street in the center of Jerusalem the other day. I met up with a friend who lives here now and she wanted to find a blouse to wear for an upcoming wedding. We met at my apartment and then we walked over to Mamilla Mall. I was surprised that she thought she’d find something there, since it’s pretty high end, but it is sale season, post-tourists, so it was a fair assumption.

She didn’t find anything.

We walked on to the middle of town and then sat for a coffee. We were going to go to the Psalms Museum and that’s when I realized that my scarf was no longer tied to my bag. That’s how I’ve been wearing it when it gets warmer out, and I never had any problem.

Until now.

I told my friend Purple that I have lost one other shawl in Israel a number of years ago; it’s not something I plan on repeating, but yes, I did bring another one. You need scarfs/shawls in this uncertain weather/these uncertain times.

But oh I loved that shawl! I loved that my friend gave it to me, but I loved the colors and the weight of it.

I took a walk this morning with my imposter shawl and then I saw it.


It matched the land itself.

Not Jerusalem; that’s stone with a little green. But Efrat, certainly in the winter, and much of the rest of the Land.

I saw a bit about the history of shawls last week at the Islamic Art Museum also.

DSC_0285 DSC_0284 DSC_0283 DSC_0281 DSC_0280

Yup. All good colors.

But I’ll also add a photo I took of the garden right outside my daughter’s apartment–the boys have enjoyed playing with the holy dirt and thus this resulted from the snow and surplus of moisture.

First big; then a zoom.


IMG_20140112_112222_397 (2)

Great to be able to zoom.



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