listening to the time going by

At breakfast the other morning at our hotel, the piano player started up with “As Time Goes By”.



You may notice that we did not have so many people joining us for the performance. We thought at first he was a guest who wanted to take advantage of the piano; the space and the time.

It was lovely by itself, but it also brought up a foundation memory–things that you can’t possibly forget. Or if you do, it better be because of some external medical issue.

We went to Casablanca on our first date. Of course, I mean the movie. We were in Jerusalem when we first met; that was enough of a trip to start a relationship. We continued going out for a few months, but I don’t remember the next movie we saw. I do remember going to a Bruce Lee kung fu movie there, but maybe after we were already married. That was also a trip. And no, I have not been to one since then.

So what does the song evoke? A full circle.

We were there, in Jerusalem, to celebrate our oldest granddaughter becoming a bat mitzvah. She already had a party with her friends in America the month before, but now was a time to be with family. All the grandchildren, their parents, and even a great-grandfather, were all there to be with her.

To celebrate.

As Time Goes By.

And what have I learned?

To celebrate before the time goes by.

And always stop to smell the flowers.


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