if shoes are your base

And if our Jewish base is the Kotel in the Old City of Jerusalem, then what do you wear to visit this holy place?

I had some time while waiting for my father and ISHI who were catching a “quick” afternoon service there. I, of course, had finished a long time before, because I was using my own spectrum. So, of course, I picked up my camera and…

what struck me particularly that afternoon was people’s footwear. If you have never been to the Old City of Jerusalem, or any other old city around the world, with its particularly unique combination of challenges for pedestrians.

One suggestion from a Fodor’s article includes my lovely Naot boots, which I did not bring with me but am happy to wear them not that I’m home.  I see that the NY Times even had an article about the best footwear suggested by professional tour guides. None of the shoes or brands that they suggest worked for me. You really do have to see what’s best for you.

I just never would have thought that some of these that I shot would be the best for anyone!DSC_0006

Just in case you’re wondering what they’re doing, they’re writing kvitlach, little notes to put into the cracks in the Kotel. Very stylishly. Or at least that’s what I assume they are doing. I did not wait to see them fight the crowds actually to put them into the Wall.DSC_0018And here are a few smart women, or at least showing smart choices for the feet. DSC_0024DSC_0025DSC_0026DSC_0031

The canopy in this previous photo is being held over a bar mitzvah boy. It’s a very common scene in Jerusalem, at least, with the friends and family parading him with song and festive moods. And interesting footwear.DSC_0074 DSC_0082

A most unlikely pair, but how wonderful!DSC_0083

Yes, I did concentrate on women’s shoes, since I didn’t think that men need as much guidance, but clearly I was wrong. Or at least wearing Crocs on cobblestones is very very wrong. But apparently, wearing boots can also be very wrong.DSC_0084

So, from this very informal survey, or at least from my skewed pointing of your view, thick soled boots or shoes seemed to be the smart choice.

Me? I went with my very comfortable-and-who-cares-if-they’re-stylish All Weather Moc™ from Lands’ End. Seriously comfortable and warm. And dry!

And if you order your regular size 8, you can give them to your daughter, if you’re very very lucky, and order a size down and be very very grateful.

And that’s what’s best for me.


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