my house is blue

When I look out most of the windows of my house, all I see is grey, white, just a bit of anemic green of a pine tree. And the fact that the sun has gone into seclusion once again doesn’t help.

My house is blue.

I feel good when I come home and see it, the house that was painted to remind us of Lake Louise in the Canadian Rockies, but really looks like the colors of Tzfat [Safed, Israel].

Here are the colors of Tzfat.


Okay, our house doesn’t look like this, but this is the panorama that you get.

The blue in the photo below is representative also of Tzfat. And the grillwork, so delicate and so defining.


Oh and that green, I think, was calling to me today, too.

Instead, we got this.


We have more deaths in the community. The day of funerals apparently has switched to Fridays. These are serious deaths, the kind that are grabbing before their time, reminding us that we are so not in charge.

You have to do everything you can to take care of yourself, that’s the first step. After that, you have to find reasons to look forward.

To spring.

To color.

To renewal.

It’s just too easy to get desperately depressed in the prolonged winter.

I was going to go to a flower show today with my siblings, but my brother who just came in from LA was too tired.

Just as well. I probably would have sneezed too much from all the flowers I’m allergic to. When they’re outside, I manage to escape the sneezing, but inside…

Looking forward.



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