my fish guy says there are two kinds of people

when it comes to Passover preparations:

  1. People who need to be ready as early as possible.
  2. People who don’t want to be ready until the last minute on purpose so not to have any mix-up with chametz (leavened products).
  3. (oh yeah, then he says that there really are three:) Those who are incapable of getting ready early.

That’s actually pretty funny, that he thought I was like him in the first grouping. So I guess I would add a fourth group, the schizophrenic preparers.

We of this group really try as hard as possible to be ready in advance. We purchase cleaning products as we use them up, except when they take them off the market. (Seriously, why did they stop making Armstrong Floor Cleaner and not let me know? Do I not clean my floor that often? Don’t answer that.) We make lists, we even research timing of making of the lists and how to go about executing such lists. We start counting down to Passover once it turns to January, using up old leavened products (except when you realize that you want to make a noodle kugel for this week and need to buy more noodles. So much for counting down.) We even pull everything out of our pantries and put all the forbidden products in boxes in the dining room for a month, just to make a point. I’m not really sure what the point is, actually. And of course, we start buying appropriate products for a few months in advance. Whatever is on sale, of course. Except also the ordering of some things to make sure we have them in time. Like fish. That’s why my fish guy brought it up–he wants us to buy fish from him for Passover as early as possible so that it’s less work for him at last minute. He knew I’m good with that. After all, I’m always early when I go pick up my fish, so he automatically thought I’m from the first group. So I sort-of am, but…

Oh, and buying wine is never too early, especially if you get good deals.

And we clean out the extra cabinets to make sure that’s done. And we prepare our meals and gather new recipes and strike out those that really didn’t work, did they? from our books.

And we even write about our preparations and know exactly how to find what we wrote, because we’re so crazy-organized.

Emphasis on crazy, perhaps?

And is it the whole truth that, as I wrote about here as well (Yes! Nothing new under the sun!) we are recapitulating history by acting out our ancestors’ inability to handle time before they left Egypt, thus the commandment for eating matzah in the first place (or would we have been commanded to eat matzah but for a completely different reason? Not historical in the hysterical sense of not being ready, but in the sense of transferring ourselves from being slaves to Pharaoh to being servants of G-d?).

And yes, perhaps the reality, if not the purpose, of the cleaning process is to put our minds to what we are doing, a little light daydreaming in the midst of the chaos?

So maybe it’s not so crazy, after all?


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