I heard a woman calling today. I really hoped to hear “Polo!”, but instead, I heard “He’s coming back soon!” And when he came back, his mother (I presume) said, “I’m making macaroni and cheese for lunch, okay?”, which is funny, if it’s true that Marco Polo brought pasta to Europe. Or not. But here … More Marco!

it’s the night before and i really know what’s different

A friend posted on Facebook a few days ago: The 7 stages of pre-Passover prep:1. Dread2. Denial3. Resentment4. Capitulation5. Panic6. Frenzy7. ExhaustionWhat stage are you up to? I responded that I’m an early achiever. I already reached exhaustion before the panic and frenzy. Usually, we ask the question about why this night is different at … More it’s the night before and i really know what’s different

what am i readying?

That’s really quite curious. Perhaps, Child#4, you would say it’s a fruitian slip. I did mean to write “reading”, but, of course, what a pun. A friend asked on Facebook what we’re reading to get ready for Pesach. I didn’t answer because I wasn’t really reading anything per se for the holiday except tons of … More what am i readying?