some contrasts

from the grey here once again.


Waiting for spring to show itself here on the east coast.

Flying home today, approaching landing, I saw these strangely shaped greige large plots of land with no trees, spotted by butterfly-shaped beige areas.

Oh. Golf courses.

Eagerly awaiting the color that I saw in LALA land.

Such as these:

IMG_20140331_085017_861 IMG_20140327_090049_826

Even this was interesting; anything with a burst of color.


Yes, these were all shot with my phone. My camera got cleaned a bit more than I expected. I think some of the Purell goop that leaked out of my quart plastic bag of travel liquids seeped into my camera. Otherwise, why would it be so slow?

I did take some photos with it, but it was very weird, like in slow-motion.

Okay, kind of how I roll.

Like kind of how it was watching the Shabbat candles shaking, the chandelier swaying, things bumping, and thinking, “Could this be an earthquake?”

Here are two shots taken on different days of the Venoco Flower Tower at Beverly Hills High School. Not exactly natural. Kind of like a lot of LA.



Even the cloudy day was great. Oh, to walk and have to take off my jacket because it got too hot…


Color is all around. Just remember to look up.



Apparently, I’m not the only one peeping. Do you see the telescope in the window?

Not a singer person was harmed while taking these photos. Or approached. This is the first trip or time spent with my father when he did not go walking with me. He hurt his Achilles’ heel while playing tennis last week, but it was getting more painful without sustained relief. His doctor said he’s fine. His trainer says it’s because he’s too skinny and he’s losing muscle mass at a greater rate than building it.

So I went out by myself walking.

We went together to lunch. He ate steak to make his trainer happy.

My brother said he should use a cane. Maybe he didn’t hear him say it; his hearing is really going, also. But maybe he chose to ignore that advice.

So I was happy to be able to go out walking.

But maybe I’m happy to be home, in hopes of better weather and health ahead. At least with no added shaking.


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