what did i say about old dogs, after all?

I made all kinds of inquiries about where to get my camera fixed, how long it would take, etc. I was not having much luck finding a place that would get it back before the upcoming holiday. Gotta have my camera for that, even though everyone else has.

I took off the lens, cleaned everything in sight. I was discussing it with ISHI. He was asking questions, even though I think he would be the first person to admit he doesn’t know anything about cameras (yes??), and then, yes, I noticed it.

I had it on the wrong setting. Do you see in this photo below (taken from Amazon here) there’s a little lever pointing to an “S”? That’s for single shots. You can be a paparazzo and move it to multiple shots. I’ve done that, mostly to annoy people. Then there’s the little clock icon, for timed shots. Never done that, but I know what that is, at least.

Then there’s the Q.

I don’t know what that is.

And that’s where it was.

Somehow it had shifted all the way down to that and given me the impression that it was slow from the Purell that had leaked.

What would you think that Q stands for?

I just looked.

It does not stand for question.

It stands for Quiet Shutter Release.

Hah! It sure was!

I can’t make fun of my father now. He tried to make a photo I took of him and Grandson #3 into his Facebook profile photo. But he didn’t realize he needs to crop it, so it just shows his left shoulder.

I commented that he better fix it or people will accuse him of being a left-winger!

My photos are safe; my camera is safe. Education is power.

Although I am not sure I’ll be able to explain to my father how to fix his shot.


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