because there’s always something else to do

Today was a gorgeous day outside. It felt like punishment to be inside the house, even though I felt obligated to carry on with my Passover preparations, the time when we Jewish housewives almost always fail to note the difference between dirt and hametz, the leavened products that we are to refrain from eating and even owning during the holiday.

But I could justify being outside if I were working, right? And there are always leaves to be picked up, even this far after autumn, the leaves that we just gave up on as winter approached.

And so outside I went, when the sun was really doing its best to make us believe in spring.

The boy who lives next door was outside, too. He has grown about a foot and a half since the fall. He was wandering around his yard on his own, wearing a helmet. As he meandered close to where I was working, he said, “I’m wearing a helmet because I’m checking out every inch of my yard.”

“Good for you”, I think I said to him.

He proceeded to go into the bush branches dividing our yards. I guess he felt protected. I took out my phone to capture him.


Do you see him in the blue jacket and the red helmet?

And because I had to show him to you but now I’m done, oh what should I do now?

Oh, to be able to explore!


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