it’s the night before and i really know what’s different

A friend posted on Facebook a few days ago:

The 7 stages of pre-Passover prep:

1. Dread
2. Denial
3. Resentment
4. Capitulation
5. Panic
6. Frenzy
7. Exhaustion

What stage are you up to?

I responded that I’m an early achiever. I already reached exhaustion before the panic and frenzy.

Usually, we ask the question about why this night is different at the seder itself on Passover…

But tonight just begged the question. Or actually, quite a few.

  1. Why did I spend an inordinate amount of time searching for the top sheet for my bed (really; I searched inside the duvet cover 4 times), only to realize that I had already made it? It was on the bed. (This is a throw-away. See above for the answer.)
  2. Why didn’t Daughter #1 tell me she has the same food processor, when I spent a very long time trying to figure out how to use my new one (until after I figured it out)? Even having her son watch 2 Cuisinart videos after not figuring out from the manual. (Okay, See above for the same answer.)
  3. Why did my oven bottom start buckling? It’s not that old…
  4. Why did the dishwasher just quit with 2 inches of water at the bottom? Same thing–just a few years old.
  5. Why does my recipe for Banana Walnut cake not have any bananas in the recipe, just oranges? We made it anyway. With the bananas. And yes, I sang “Yes, we have no bananas.” And I’ve made the recipe before…D#1 says it should actually called Mock Banana Cake. Well, I certainly feel mocked!
  6. Why did ISHI get called to deal with a case continuing from a long time now (Oh look, I mentioned it here over a year ago.) of an abused family (meaning wife and children) when he should be doing any matter of other things right before the holiday? But that’s really not very different, is it?

I may know what’s different, but I sure as everything don’t know why…

Well, I just had to take a bit for myself here and write this down, really while I’m waiting for the sweet potatoes to bake.

And now back to our irregularly scheduled programming. Because that is what Passover is all about. To close, I’ll reprint what I said two years ago:

Hag Kasher ve’Sameach, Have a Happy and Kosher Holiday.

So many people are overwhelmed with the drive for the kosher part, but the Sameach gets lost.

So I’ll wish you a happy wonderful holiday.

Enjoy your family, if you’re lucky enough to be with them.

Enjoy your freedom, wherever you are.


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