can it be lost if you didn’t remember it?

Among the hundreds of my old letters that my father gave me that my mother had saved were a few really ancient ones.  I started trying to go through them today, but gave up after scanning a bunch. I can’t figure out whether it’s really worth the time to scan them all. I guess it’s like going through your inbox and deciding whether or not to save emails today.  I also took the opportunity to dumpe about five million old docs from work. That felt great. But I still haven’t gotten rid of the actual paper ones here.

Little by little, perhaps.

Well, one of them written to my father in 1974 talks about an artist and some photos of his work. Apparently, we had seen his work on a TV show and my father was interested in purchasing some. I even had photos. Of course, I spent time trying to track this artist down with no success. But really, the art is not something I would have wanted, so just as well.

I did take the time to scan an old poem I had written to my mother for Mothers Day. Here it is.


Mothers Day 1962..1

Mothers Day 1962..11

What do you think of my style? Was I already reading poetry that used such apostrophes? Oh that is just the beginning of what I don’t remember! But seriously, who taught me that the D in the word “and” should not be used?

I am baffled by the penultimate stanza. This is clearly before the Feminist Revolution. Actually, I was only 9 years old. It was in 1962.

The second and third stanzas are quite accurate, though. That definitely was what my mother would say. And do.

Mothers Day 1962

Now I have to go back to my own kids’ work and see what they wrote to me. Those I definitely saved.


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