looking always to add the next line

I thought I’d add the next two lines of Psalm 145. It’s been a while since I last tried finding photos that matched the tone of the psalm.

With my last trip to New York, I think I found some fitting ones.

This first photo is of the Brooklyn Museum, which represents Art, which represents creativity, which shows our Godliness, which is truly not able to be understood, but just loved.

גָּדול ה’ וּמְהֻלָּל מְאד. וְלִגְדֻלָּתו אֵין חֵקר

G-d is great and very much praised, and His greatness cannot be searched.

דּור לְדור יְשַׁבַּח מַעֲשיךָ. וּגְבוּרתֶיךָ יַגִּידוּ

 Generation to generation will praise Your works, and they will recite Your mighty deeds.DSC_0383

Which means;  the next line is the next line. If we’re really lucky, we get to have that. And if we’re really smart, we’ll remember to give praise.

Because it’s so not up to us to be here. So we better give thanks.




6 thoughts on “looking always to add the next line

  1. I’ve only just discovered your blog after you liked a post on mine. This post of yours is such a beautiful idea!

    As an aside I think we’re at a similar stage in life, at least re the grandkids. Definitely the best in the whole world. 🙂

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