vulnerability and yet strength that we must find

In honor of

Eyal ben Iris Teshura, Ya’akov Naftali ben Rachel,
Gilad Michael ben Bat-Galim

May they be safe and speedily come home.

It continues to be so difficult to imagine the pain of the 3 families who still have not seen their children now coming on two weeks. We are up here in Tzfat/Safed, so let’s play with that English spelling for a moment.



I do feel incredibly safe here. The other day, I took a walk around the Old City by myself and heard a woman calling what first sounded like, “Tramp. Tramp” while driving by. After a second, as she passed me, I realized she was actually asking me, “Tremp, tremp?” She was asking me if I wanted a ride up the very very steep hill, or probably even outside the city.

She was asking me if I wanted what the three boys thought they were getting; help getting where we want.

They were tricked in the most desperately heartless manner, from going home and joining their families.

It is sad to use the word “great” when describing pain, but here is an example of great searing pain. And yet how do we/can we respond? By cutting ourselves off from the world?

Perhaps that is what I have done here in Tzfat, in this little corner of safety. But perhaps that is enough for now.

I am taking many many photos of this city and the areas around here. Our 8 year-old said that Tzfat is a city that is very…

[what would he say? I wondered…]


I told him that it was a city under construction.

Always, both forward and backwards, finding the new and rediscovering the old.

DSC_1047 DSC_1049


DSC_1017 DSC_0953


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