oh rats

Or really, mice. We are back at home now. I am moving very slowly at this moment; I probably should have taken naps during the day. Instead, I have been enjoying uninterrupted internet access to upload all the rest of my photos from this summer to Shutterfly, after editing the last bunch of shots. Okay, I’m clearly … More oh rats

holding my breath

We’ve been getting together with a lot of old friends now that we’ve relocated back to the center of Israel. And I didn’t realize how much of the talk that we do centers on the war. And how exhausting it is. And I realize that while the war was going on, we were hunkering down, … More holding my breath


From Wiktionary: Etymology [edit] (noun) From Middle Dutch or Middle Low German stripe. (verb) From the first one. (cf Dutch strippen) Noun [edit] stripe (plural stripes) A long, straight region of a single colour. (in the plural) The badge worn by certain officers in the military or other forces. (informal) Distinguishing characteristic; sign; likeness; sort. persons of the same political stripe A long narrow mark left by striking with a lash or rod; by extension, such a stroke. (weaving) A pattern produced … More stripes