my search for 2 things turned into one bigger search

The other day, when we were packing up to go away for 3 days, I was very happy to have the possibility of wearing the warmer clothing that I had brought with me to Israel, just to feel justified for schlepping that stuff in the first place. The woman in the tzimmer (the Bed & Breakfast) up in the Golan where we had found a vacancy for us and our kiddies told us to pack warm clothing, since the evenings would be cool. It’s been a pretty hot summer here in Israel, in more ways than one, so I was looking forward to that possibility.

As I was packing, I realized that I didn’t know where my wedding ring was. I remembered that I had put it in some zippered case before baking challah last Friday, and I had not put it back on, since it had been so hot and my fingers were really swollen.

And then, I realized also, I could not find my passport. I had given it to ISHI the previous day so he could email the US consulate in Jerusalem to ask them if they had our marriage license on record. I had set up an appointment with them for this morning, but the website said to also email with questions and they would get back to us within 24 hours.

They just didn’t say which 24 hours it would be.

I was pretty sure I put the passport back in a side pocket of my carry-on bag. Of course, it was not there. I took apart everything and couldn’t find it. I was not ready to panic.

Not yet.

But first, I thought I would look for my wedding ring. I searched in my wallet, and there it was. That was not difficult, was it?

So now back to the more elusive object.

We (now with the assistance of ISHI, who has been known to find many elusive objects of mine and of others) took everything apart again.


It became apparent at that point that I am suffering from suitcase exhaustion. I don’t have that much with me, but I have so many pockets of where I could have stuffed it.

Or it could have fallen under the bed. Or it could have fallen in the bed.

ISHI said something about how many it could have fallen in a book. He took my kindle out to see if it was there. Not likely.


I then took another look at a book that I had brought to read on the plane when I couldn’t use my kindle, a very small and old (from college!) paperback book.

Just about the size of a…



I could not have made that up.

And I couldn’t have thought of anything more appropriate for what I am doing here in Israel.

And pretty much, in life in general.

So the fact that I didn’t need the warm clothes up in the Golan really didn’t bother me.

Because I found something much more important.

And the fact that the US consulate finally got back to us last night saying that they have no records that old (!) nor do they keep that kind of thing (?!) in general didn’t really bother me. I cancelled our appointment and now I can write about our adventure.

And here’s to the adventures ahead!



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