this introvert’s dilemma

I should be fearless by my age. I shouldn’t have to worry about people or people’s reactions, should I?

Even saying that in the form of a question shows the feel of Jeopardy in my life.

(little hah.)

The photo below is an example.


I really wanted to take it in front of this group. But I was too hesitant to impose myself on them, even though they weren’t even looking. What I wanted to show was how they were all smoking cigarettes, holding cups of coffee, standing outside of the Asian restaurant where they presumably worked. I can presume that because of the box of gloves that the last guy is holding.

But it still makes a good photo composition, I think, just not what I really wanted.

One would think that one could grow out of this hesitation or fear of what others think.

One would be wrong.


Good question.

If you want to take your own test test based on Carl Jung’s and Isabel Briggs Myers’ approach to personality type, you can go here.

And then you can try to figure out what to do with your own results. Knowledge is power, but how you use power is another kind of knowledge.


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