is it the opposite in australia?

oh joy

The season you were born in can affect your mood
Researchers have found that your mood and personality may be influenced by something out of your control – your birthday.

A team of scientists from Semmelweis University in Hungary have found that when someone is born can play a role in their chance of developing a particular temperament or mood disorder. They recently presented their findings at the European College of Neuropsychopharmacology Congress in Germany.

Previous research has shown that an individual’s dopamine and serotonin levels – neurotransmitters that influence mood – can be affected by their season of birth.

“This led us to believe that birth season may have a longer-lasting effect,” said Xenia Gonda, pyschologist and lead researcher in a press release.

In the study, the researchers assessed the correlation between the birth season of participants and their personality traits in adulthood. The results showed that participants born in summer were more likely to have a cyclothymic temperament – rapid and frequent mood swings, than those born in winter. Those born in spring and summer were also more likely to possess a hyperthymic temperament – high levels of energy and positivity.

The findings also revealed that participants born in autumn were less likely to be depressed than those born in winter, and those born in winter were less likely to have an irritable temperament than those born in the other seasons.

“Temperaments are not disorders but biologically-driven behavioural and emotional trends. Although both genetic and environmental factors are involved in one’s temperament, now we know that the season at birth plays a role too. And the finding of “high mood” tendency (hyperthymic temperament) for those born in summer is quite intriguing,” said Eduard Vieta from the European College of Neuropsychopharmacology, Barcelona, in a press release. 

The next step is to search for genetic markers which could give a better indication of the connection between birth season and mood disorders. If the mechanism is identified, there could be a scientific explanation to your astrology reading after all.

Can this be real science? Are we really doomed to listen to this? After all, they don’t even know how to spell psychologist…

The title to my post gives away my real feeling–what about on the other side of the world? Is it reversed, like the toilet water that isn’t? Aren’t we all just a wee bit depressed in winter, if we live without sunshine? I really can’t imagine that it’s tied into the season of your birth.

Especially since I was born in Puerto Rico.

On this cold rainy day, I wouldn’t mind being somewhere tropical, as long as it isn’t raining there. I think it’s just a feeling of wanting to get away from all the garbage of the world. But the ugliness just sits there, even so. No man an island, and all that. 

Even though I was born in Puerto Rico.

Here’s something else they’re saying in Hungary, according to Michael Freund:

As recent election results indicate, anti-Semitism is alive and well in Hungarian society, so much so that instead of deterring voters from supporting a particular party, it seems to attract them. It is therefore essential that steps be taken to compel the Hungarian government to tackle this problem head on.

It is no wonder that various Jewish leaders and organizations are sounding the alarm.

And the 3 month-old baby, killed in Jerusalem today, for what?

It’s enough to make you want to drink. Apparently, here’s what my zodiac sign reveals about my drinking style:


Be careful when partying with a Sagittarius, as he or she has a sharp tongue by nature. Alcohol and anger do not mix well, so you better watch what you say around these people.

As they drink throughout the night, you will notice how their flirtatious personality quickly emerges. Need a wingman or double date partner? This is who you are going to call.

Okay, so maybe the first part is true. Flirtatious? I guess I haven’t done enough drinking to find that out.

Still searching for meaning.





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