in the happy pursuit of the trivial

If you go to Google and start typing in “pursuit of…”, it will auto-suggest:

in pursuit

But then it takes you to the game Trivial Pursuit. Sites and sites about the game.

It takes a while, actually a couple of pages, before you get to anything other than relating to the game.

Here’s one article:

The Mainstream Media’s Trivial Pursuit of Campaign 2012
While neglecting the real issues—and ignoring the radicalization of the Republican Party—reporters obsess over made-up “gaffes” and meaningless campaign moments

And then there is actually a blog dedicated to the game:

Pursuit of the Trivial is a weekly podcast that explores stories from of the six categories of Trivial Pursuit and tries to find the fun in each of them. 

Maybe it is a pursuit in place of the hunt. The less we need to hunt, the more our gathering is pointless. And that is their definition of fun.

It certainly isn’t work.

The next non-game article is from August:

Facebook’s Experiment: Trivial Pursuit

which you might say is not really a non-game.

What these commentators ignore is that what Facebook did (not very “cool”) pales in comparison to what Madison Avenue and the marketing departments of corporations from Amazon to Zales do every day of the week, during the weekends, and especially during holidays.

This is relevant for today’s message from Starbuck’s CEO upset at the commercialization of Veterans Day. Do we believe him or not? Or is his giving jobs to veterans just another ploy for our dollars?

“We have to ask ourselves, what kind of nation are we? What kind of nation do we want to be?” Schultz said. “I think not only does the veteran deserve better, the American people will deserve much more by understanding collectively what we have done.”

Yes, we really do.

At the very very least, we should thank all those who helped us become so enamored of the trivia that we are able to be blissfully ignorant. We live in a country where what someone is wearing or dating or sueing is more significant than what is happening in real news.

That the PAC’s and the super-PAC’s are able to buy their way into Washington without too much ado.

That the idea of cooperation has vanished without nary a trace in federal government.

That people vote against a party, not for anything. If they vote at all.

Even pursuit of happiness gets googled into happyness, the movie.

Maybe I should be happy that tea comes out above, but that excellence trails the pack is disturbing.

So I will post a photo of an anemone for today, to stand in for a poppy. I still haven’t found a pin of substance. For our Veterans, in their pursuit of excellence so that we can pursue the meaningless.




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