open hand, open mind?

From Dov Lipman’s Facebook Timeline:

Today is “International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women Day.” I call on every woman who has experienced any type of violence to file a complaint. It is difficult to file a complaint, at times more difficult than the violence itself, but you have to do it.

I will continue to work from the Knesset to combat all violence and pray that one day, with God’s help, we won’t have to commemorate this day.

Today I feel that I have great empathy for battered women. Sometimes, the courts work out in favor of these women; often times they get abused even further in the courts here in the states. I hope that it’s better for women in Israel. Thank G-d I have no experience with it directly and I only have experienced loving relationships. But I have listened to many women who have been abused; I’ve had training on how to identify and how to proceed; and I am a Jew.

So today I also feel extreme pain for the people in Ferguson. All of the people. But I have great anger for those who choose to express themselves by rioting, looting, and destroying property. That only creates more division.

Wait–what does Jewish have to do with anything? Jews continue to be the punching bag of the world. Look here to see how in Seattle, some choose to blame the mess in Ferguson on the Jews and on Israel. Seriously?

But this is not anything new. Rabbi Marc Angel points this out in his Torah portion essay for this week:

As the Labans seek to dehumanize Jews and Israelis, the Esaus seek to perpetrate violence against us. The Esaus are terrorists blinded by hatred. They train their children to hate and to murder. They glorify and honor murderers of Jews and Israelis. How sickening it was to see pictures of Palestinians in Gaza rejoicing at the murder of innocent Israelis praying in their synagogue in Jerusalem. The violent Esaus and their supporters are dangerous; their “moral universe” is vastly different from ours. They promote and justify hatred and murder; they rejoice at the shedding of Jewish blood.

How nice it would be if angels of the Lord would appear before us to give us encouragement at a time of great crisis. How fortunate Jacob was to have received a visit from heavenly messengers as he confronted threats from Laban and Esau.

Absent a miraculous visit from angels, we ourselves need to combat the Labans and Esaus of our time and place. We need to maintain our own Mahanaim that will defend us from the constant immoral propaganda of media, academic and political pundits; and we need to be strong and smart enough to defeat the violent Esaus of our generation.

Okay, so the hand in the above photo says:

Don’t give a hand to violence against women.

Need we add “against anyone?”

Apparently, we do.


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