my father thinks it looks like a woman trying on a dress

wearing high heels.

Harvard Art Museum wouldn’t let me take photos of the art, so I’m attaching the photo from their website below.

Panel Three (Harvard Mural Triptych)

Yes, I can see what he means, but he also couldn’t see the trees for the forest.

He was searching for meaning.

I can’t blame him for that, nor deny him the honor.

We went yesterday to the newly-opened museum so that we could especially see the Rothko murals that have been in storage since 1979. There was so much to read about the process of color restoration and understanding the artist’s purpose that ISHI and I were mesmerized. My father was just annoyed that he couldn’t remember Rothko’s name, he couldn’t find meaning, and he couldn’t find his cellphone.

He felt old.

But more so, he felt embattled. I think it’s the way that when Pharo asks Yaakov how old he is, it’s because Pharo sees all the troubles that Yaakov has experienced on his face, so he looks even older than he is.

On the other hand, when we went out to eat for lunch and the owner was amazed that that was my father and she said “He looks too young to be your father”, I answered her by “You mean, I look too old to be his daughter.”

And we laughed.

But I loved the infusion of art yesterday. I certainly needed it.

Here are a few photos that I was allowed to take, and that I allowed myself to take.

You do see how I saw people dressed to match the art.

It becomes them.

Oh–we found his phone. It was in his coat pocket that we had put in a locker. He remembered the cellphone number of his lady friend, so he was happy.

We will continue to be grateful for even the small victories, and keep searching for the way out of the forest.


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