according to this, i’m really in trouble

This article about siblings has been going around lately on Facebook, for whatever reason, even though it’s a few months old, which is ancient these days.

The benefits [of siblings] can carry into old age. The literature on sibling relationships shows that during middle age and old age, indicators of well-being — mood, health, morale, stress, depression, loneliness, life satisfaction — are tied to how you feel about your brothers and sisters.

In one Swedish study, satisfaction with sibling contact in one’s 80s was closely correlated with health and positive mood — more so than was satisfaction with friendships or relationships with adult children. And loneliness was eased for older people in a supportive relationship with their siblings, no matter whether they gave or got support.

So it looks pretty bad for me, with one sibling taken away and the other…well, gone, I don’t have a chance here.


The good news is that my kids seem to recognize the value of siblingdom, as much as they can do it long distance, cross-hemispheres. Our biggest question from the past week was how to set up Google chats across continents. When it became clear that we can’t really set them up in advance, it also became clear that we better just keep trying as much as possible.

And yeah, I’m really okay. I just am not ready to deal with crowds, not that I ever was. I like going to early services if only because I get to sit in my little box women’s section pretty much by myself. The men who come that early are there to get the job done–I don’t need nonsense and apparently, neither do they. Only a little over a week to go for sheloshim, the 30-day demarcation. For my mother, I continued saying kaddish for the year, but for a sibling it’s only a month.

And then I’ll be able to go back to looking for myself.

And more good news! I found my glove. It was at my sister’s house, along with a few other pairs of forgotten ones.

Mine was the only single one left.




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