middle-age spread

Yes, that, but today I’m referring to the spread of stuff that happens when the kids leave the house;  water seeking its own level; things finding their own corner of the universe when they had to share previously. And more stuff.

Come to think of it, we had a taste of that even before they all left. After his older brother went off into the big world, Son #2 changed his habits almost instantaneously, as if taking on the other’s spreadability behaviour.

“I don’t understand. When you shared a room, you were so neat! What happened?”

“I don’t have to be neat any more.”

Or did he say anymore?

Now, that I’m getting ready for the delightful onslaught of all my kiddies for our niece’s wedding, I am starting to pay attention to how we have done that same thing. We used to have to share space with 4 more people, all the time. My clothes have migrated from just my own closet to 2 upstairs. Our luggage is kept in another closet. Coats? Not only in our big coat closet, but also on the kiddies’ hooks that we had put up so many many years ago.

And our pièce de résistance?


The coat rack that oozes with irony, nary a coat to be seen.

To be honest, I do use it to hang wet coats, like the other day when I got caught in a snow/rain/sleetstorm. Other than that, it has become more of a hat rack for ISHI and a bag rack for me.

Yes, that’s where I store my shopping bags so I can grab them quickly before running out shopping. And so my closet is less of a mess. Granted, we didn’t have reusable shopping bags when the kids lived here.

Still, spread happens.

I always never (double-negative!) wanted to do what my in-laws did. They had a very small coat closet, so they had a coat rack in their dining room. My FIL had about 80 pairs of galoshes, one for every kind of different weather. I know because we had to pack him up when we moved him out of his house. Have we turned out the same? I have to figure that out.

The coat rack, you see, was something we inherited from his house.

And now that I am aware of it, what do I do? Will it be more than the pillow-moving (see here and here and here for past examples, but only if you want. And here, too) that I seem to do most of the time?


There actually was a jacket hidden underneath all of those things. Plus a belt to an old raincoat. Not sure where the raincoat is.

It’s a start. Pay no attention to the pile of things next to the pillows.


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