how many canoes, exactly?

We are embarking on a very complicated project this week. Our niece is getting married next Sunday! Weddings often are complex due to family issues between the two sides. We see that all the time, as people have so many different expectations, with the knowledge that their understanding is the best and therefore, the truth. This wedding, in particular, has that, but more.

We have logistics headaches, simply put. How will everyone get here? When? Where will everyone stay? Not everyone is staying for the same amount of time. In fact, everyone of our four kids is coming and going with different schedules. And how to make sure that the (not-so-much) babies get their sleep? Or should I say–babies of all ages?

But much much bigger than all of that, what will we eat? When do I change over to Passover dishes–before or after the wedding? Of course, it’s going to be completely insane to do it afterwards, when so many of the little ones, and the not-so-little-anymore-ones will be running around in the house. So we’re planning on changing over this week. Which brings me back to the question of how to feed everyone a full week more of Passover food, but without matzah. We save the matzah for the first day of Passover to make it special. Actually, I save it to as little as possible because I, my teeth, and my internal organs, do not really enjoy eating it.

But, in the meantime, I continue to clean my house, knowing the difference between spring cleaning and getting kosher for Passover, but choosing to do both. Sort of. And finding all kinds of interesting things. Like this:

2015-03-22 11.44.33

I let our son and DIL know that I found this piece of bread! So now I have fulfilled my obligation for searching for Chametz!

Okay, yes, it’s a representation of a piece of bread. I’m still searching.

I also found a large number of very small Lego pieces. Thankfully, I was wearing shoes. I’ve learned the hard way, but here’s an article proving that Legos are dangerous because of physics. Now we all know.

So I will go back to row row rowing my boat gently down that stream. And still searching.

And of course, we will all try to pay attention to the elephant in the room, who is not there.

The fact that this is my late sister’s daughter who is getting married is lost on no one.

Today, we also went to a wedding. The groom’s mother, whom I just met for the first time today, told me how wonderful it was that the mother of the bride was friends with her late sister many years ago.

“Did you say ‘late’?”, I asked.  Yes, she died of breast cancer 10 years ago. I shared how I lost my sister three months ago, and how my niece, her daughter, is getting married next week.

You see, I had heard the story before from the mother of the bride, how she went to her prospective in-laws’ home and saw all these photos on the wall of a woman she knew many years ago. But she never told me that she had been late.

So, some of us get it slower than others.



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