it’s all about perspective

but what perspective should we be taking?

I’ve found that more than usual, I’ve been aware of all the lines that I’ve had to straighten in my photos. I know that I tend to skew lopsided when holding my camera; that’s what happens when the camera is hefty and I don’t use a tripod. So post-production, I can do that. No problem. But which lines to line up?

We went to see the Art in Bloom at the MFA the other day. Our first stop was the Hokusai exhibit. I did not know that he had studied Western Art, which was only one of many things that I found out during our visit. There were a number of his prints that took the western perspective, including the vanishing-point perspective, “known to Japanese artists since the 1740’s.” (from the exhibit).DSC_0913 copy




Yes, I had a hard time with the skew. I guess that makes sense. Here’s another one that’s more “typical” and more pleasing to me, at least, in my POV.



I’m going to put in a few other photos here that I found I had to really work at to find the correct perspective.

But here’s something I really appreciated learning about Hokusai himself.


He “only” lived to 90.

But he lived as if he were living until 110.

Truly, I think he achieved his goal much earlier, but he kept the dream alive.

So maybe I still have a chance to gain perspective.


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