children play, we forget

Or is it “Children play; we forget”?

They’re taking turns jumping off the chair, trying to catch the ball. Sort of silly. The kid in the back just watches. Sort of sad.
The girls took advantage of a mulch pile, a disconnected slide, and a skating board to come up with their own game.


Kids on their own, figuring out how to use what there is.

This is what we do, instead.

Notice the girl talking to the baby?

But then there’s this.

Isn’t this how you dress to go to the playground? (Notice the baby’s shoes, please.)
The child is father of the Man.

So maybe there’s hope.




2 thoughts on “children play, we forget

  1. Are you asking if you understand it or saying you don’t? Just kidding with you. I meant it to show how playing with little ones helps open us up, or at least helps remind us of how to open up.

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