A cousin of mine emailed me the other day to let me know she was thinking of us on the upcoming difficult weekend. And she hopes we are all well.

Well, until she wrote it, I didn’t realize this was supposed to be a difficult weekend. The weather has been glorious; I didn’t have to prepare a lot of food for Shabbat because we are invited as guests; and I am having fun playing with Photoshop.


No, really, see? (Click on any of them to open up WIDE.)



My friend T asked me how was my day last Thursday. I answered “Great! We went to our lawyer to update our will and estate plan!”

I realized that sounded a little more than bizarre to be so cheerful, so I continued, “And then we went to the Audubon site that was a few minutes away!”

And that’s where I took these photos.

But it’s true–there’s something settling in a good way about getting things in order.

Especially with the aforementioned approaching difficult weekend.

What was so difficult? Another hurdle to get over; the first birthday remembrance of my sister since she passed away.

But the day passed, the beautiful weather made me feel grateful to be alive, and I did not respond to my cousin.  What could I say? “Thanks for making sure I feel guilty for being happy, for not being as sensitive as you are to these things, for not wanting to ‘get over it’ but moving on with appreciating what I have?”

Any other suggestions?

Should I just find a time to do some forest bathing with her?



4 thoughts on “difficult?

  1. Today, I wrote about easy – you wrote about difficult. Surprisingly, I think my opening sentence sums it up for both of our experiences (although vastly different): what’s easy for one person is often more difficult for another. I’m glad you are in a good place. It’s where we all should be! Enjoy your weekend, and the people around you will relax and enjoy theirs more, I expect.

    1. I do agree with you how it’s all in perspective and how we choose to frame our experiences. But certainly making risotto easier is a wonderful task!

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