strings are always attached

When I read about it in various different fora, I was intrigued with the idea of this form of public art, so we went to see the Echelman exhibit at the Rose Kennedy Greenway in Boston on Sunday. You can read more about it here at her site. It was much better than I expected! Because it covers a large area and you can walk all around it and underneath, you get a new sense of experience with each turn. Also, how the sunlight hits; how the colors are reflected on the buildings; how the windows change the perception of the shape; how the people react; how the wind continues to move it along. It’s a cloud, but it’s a net; and you realize that everything is truly interconnected. This is what the artist says on her website:

Here in Boston, I’m excited to visually knit together the fabric of the city with art,” said Echelman. “The creation of the Greenway was a seminal event in the unfolding of our city, so I’m delighted and humbled to be a part of its transformation into a vibrant cultural destination.” The work invites you to linger, whether seen amidst the skyline from afar, or lying down on the grassy knoll beneath. It embraces Boston as a city on foot, where past and present are interwoven, and takes our gaze skyward to feel the vibrant pulse of now. It invites you to pause, and contemplate a physical manifestation of interconnectedness – soft with hard, earth with sky, things we control with the forces beyond us.


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