things that annoy me, at the moment

In no particular order. I’m hoping that by writing them, they will disappear. I love magical thinking, don’t you?

  1. people texting while driving
  2. people texting while walking
  3. people texting while “talking” to you
  4. selfies
  5. cat videos
  6. any pet videos
  7. Baby goat videos are okay, though.
  8. people who think that you are thinking about them all the time and so when they contact you (by texting/email/phoning in succession), you will of course respond to them immediately
  9. adults who do not think about how they look from the rear
  10. adults who do not think before speaking
  11. adults who do not think
  12. adults who do not follow through with promises
  13. adults who are not honest (see how I changed it from people to adults along the way?)
  14. gummy vitamins for adults
  15. fortified gummy vitamins!?! Just try eating real food!!! Real good food! Just grow up!!!!
  16. poseurs. I’ll say a bit more about this one. This past Shabbat, when I mentioned that we yes, really are looking into living in the Tzfat (Tsfat/Safed/Zefat/Zsfas/Tsfas, as the yahoo group lists it) area, one of the women I was with said she always knew I was a hippie! I quickly stopped her by saying, “No. Too many people are poseurs of that kind.” She clearly did not know what that was, so I explained a teeny bit without trying to offend. “I am an artiste.” Like that isn’t posing. But I guess we have to brand ourselves for people to figure out what to do with us.
  17. not being able to take my plants with me to Israel. I wrote about them back in 2009 here. Some are gone from that time, including another bonsai that went belly-up, but surprisingly, most are still here. In the realm of what really is ironic, early last fall, my sister gave me two orchids, one two weeks after the other, as hostess gifts. That’s when I knew she was not doing well. And the first one pretty much lost its flowers right away. The other one seemed to be heartier, and it kept on flowering a bit more. And then, now, as we are preparing to leave for Israel for the summer, BOTH of them are ready to flower.


So, friend, you’ll take good care of them, right? Maybe snap a photo or two when they’re in full bloom?

Yes, indeed, we can’t have it all. But maybe we can have a photo of it. To know that it and we existed.


2 thoughts on “things that annoy me, at the moment

  1. I was trying to poke fun at myself a bit. I am unfortunately allergic to many animals, so I don’t connect to them the way that so many do. So I can admit that there are certain cute things, like baby goats. I just wouldn’t spend too much time looking at them.

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