technical difficulties

Yeah, I thought I had it bad. We sometimes can’t get WIFI here; sometimes can’t get any internet on my phone. And my Kindle just wouldn’t cooperate yesterday. We had to re-boot it, but only after it told us we should. Is technology taking us over?

So this morning, we played tourist and went to the historical museum here in Tzfat, Beit HaMeiri.

This museum was founded by Yehezkel Ha’Meiri, a member of the Ha’Meiri family that established the first dairy in pre-state Israel. The exhibits include objects relating to life in the city during various periods: documents, furniture, houseware and more. Portraits of key community members are on display in the main exhibition space.

You also can read a lot more about the house here and here. Consider me your personal Ms. Google.

Besides learning so much about how people lived and loved and built the city, the visit helped me focus on how we are so spoiled today. So so so spoiled.

The photo below is of the Segal ovens that were built. This is a description of the stove given in a photo describing the brilliant invention.

Original Safed tin stove, Patent Number 242, produced by the tinsmith Meshil Segal. Specially designed for observant Jews, it could be used for Shabbat meals (the cooking pot was far from the heat source for slow cooking) and had two separate compartments—for milk and meat dishes.



And the tin? Collected from the kerosene cans that were popular at the time.


Use what you’ve got. Make it what you need. Need what you must.

And then we got some cheese from next door at the Meiri Cheese Dairy. What more could we want?

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