Don’t be afraid to use it up

Don’t worry if you have enough
so you limit your use of the sunscreen,
of the perfume.
Don’t forget about the other perfume you bought and were waiting for the right time to start.
Don’t wait to smell the roses.

Stopping wishing. Stop waiting for someone to show up.


Wear your good jewelry. Wear out your clothes. Wear out your welcome.

Don’t forget to open wide. Open your eyes. Listen with all your heart.

Don’t keep saying don’t. Say yes. Think yes and then feel yes.

After all,

“Society could crumble in three days. That’s all it would take. Then it’s going to get primal.”

But don’t be a prepper and don’t wait for the apocalypse. Yes, be here now. Don’t even wait for now.

Just be.

And as soon as you figure out how, maybe I will, too.


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