making space

Timing is everything.

There are, thankfully, known processes that are valuable in getting a house ready to be sold. One of them is getting advice from realtors about how to make a house saleable. Another is getting wood floors in good shape; and another is painting walls neutral colors. The order is important, since the realtors will tell you about the other two steps. And the refinishing of floors is messy. Since we had a painter who is ready to paint, this required getting everything off our floors. That precipitated much fury of cleaning and culling. The piano is waiting to travel to D#1’s house. Two bookcases, one coffee table, and many, many plants were freely given away.

Giving away plants that have been given to me.

I could feel sad that I don’t have the greenery in the house. I also could feel sad that we had the greenery of our yard stripped, too. ISHI said it was like a hippie getting a Marine haircut. About time, I said. I don’t feel sad; I feel nostalgic. Each plant has meaning; who gave it to me and when. The two that were given by my father when we first came to New Haven 39 years ago; the one that was given in honor of the birth of D#2 almost 34 years ago; those many spider plants that were grown from spider babies from a kindergartner of mine 25 years ago…

The only one I kept was an aloe plant, also from a student of mine years and years ago. It’s proven to be useful to take care of kitchen accidents.

But I thought, as someone who plays with words, it was an apt plant to keep.

I had just heard an old song while waiting to get my hair cut the other day–“Alone Again, Naturally“, and I smiled.

Yes,  I may be confused, but I’m really not alone. After all, my plant has me and I have my plant.

Actually, I don’t, because now I am in Israel. I arrived yesterday without a hitch, went to a friend’s house and then went with her to a wedding of one of my old students (if 19 years old is old!).

No, I am not alone. As long as you are transitioning to something good, there’s no reason to be afraid of the new.







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