the improbability of a clean slate

It’s been a while, I know. I haven’t felt very clever lately. Mostly, I have felt overwhelmed by so many things. Mostly things, though also people. And writing hasn’t felt like the right response.

So, for you, Purple, I’m writing what we talked about briefly.

In preparation for moving this summer, I have been on a shopping spree. This is funny in a not funny way, since the other main thing that I am doing is finding new homes for so many many things. Pretty much new garbage in; old garbage out. Little happy surprises have arisen, thankfully, such as the stopwatches that I gave to someone for auction actually brought in some real money, plus the old coin collection of my FIL is apparently very valuable. Valuable enough, says our adviser, that we shouldn’t get rid of them just yet, but wait for silver to go back up in value. Oh, double-edged joy.

So, our house is purposefully trimmed down ; and our study is seriously stuffed up. And I can’t just blame ISHI this time for the mess. Two old computer towers now sit in the corner, including the one from five plus years ago, along with the spaghetti of old wires, keyboards, and back-up units.

This is where the problem comes in. I finally got the new one up and going, thanks to some emergency help (TY!), but I cannot figure out how to move the old files onto the new computer.

I did it last time without a problem.  [Okay, now that I look back on things, perhaps they didn’t go as easily as I had thought I remembered.]

But I did it; the files were moved.

Now, I am sitting with the promise of the necessity of at least one phone call to tech people to find out

  1. what is this little thing that looks like a mini-antenna, but doesn’t do anything when connected (and isn’t listed AT ALL in any of the manuals that I can find)?
  2. how do I access my memory to transfer over? I really need those files, or what’s the point of it all?

And that’s where the title of this post comes in.

As we move to a new place/country/opportunity, do I really expect for everything to be new? Don’t I want to be master/mistress of what I bring over? What comes with? Isn’t it improbable to be able to have a clean slate?

Even, as I clean my house over and over (before and after the cleaners have been here, of course), there’s still shmutz. Dust. Reminders of life sometimes well-lived.

And, even as I still wonder when I want to get the tech people on the line for them to help me figure out how to configure the old files, I am amused by the first document that I indeed did put on this computer.

One of the sagas that has taken my attention for the last bit has been to track down my birth certificate from Puerto Rico and get it to the Jewish Agency in New York so they could approve our application for aliyah to Israel. I thought I had a birth certificate. I did/do. It’s the one that the hospital issued when I was born. After a month plus of not hearing back from the JA, following our meeting at the beginning of December, we found out that that wasn’t good enough. The agent said it needed to be more modern.

Agh. Sorry not sorry.

Maybe it was a language issue.

I needed one from the government of Puerto Rico, an official one. Very very long story somewhat shorter; D#1 found a better link than the government provides for a service that actually got it done. And of course, I sent it right away to the JA office in New York, which sent it back afterwards in a fairly short time. For them.

And so we haha expected to hear that everything was in order now.

Yesterday, ISHI gets an email that the BC is blurry, so could he make another copy and send it to him, and then everything should be all set.

Which BC? Of course, it hadn’t been addressed to me, so…

Yes, mine. The one that they had in their office.

Did I mention that I just got a new computer and so now I had to learn how to scan documents? That required a bunch of steps that okay, needed to be done eventually. But I still don’t have my old files!

After I finally figured it out and sent it to this guy in New York, I realized how very very fitting indeed.

The first document in my new files is my birth certificate.





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