the sense of smell

And why it matters. And why it differs from the other senses. And why am I interested in it? Less important than the other questions, but it is apparent from all kinds of experts that smells register differently than the other senses. I don’t need to provide links for that, do I? Well, for my … More the sense of smell

not talking turkey

I should be happy to talk about something other than the massacre in Jerusalem, the horrifying lack of comprehension of the threats ahead for the whole world. So I will be. And it’s not talking turkey. From English Language & Usage: An “origin” and definition of this “quaint phrase” are offered by the June 3, … More not talking turkey

birthday party day

Our grandson answers immediately when asked “How old are you?” “Two.” He’s very smart. Give the people what they want and they’ll give you what you want. I am happy to have something wonderful to focus on. That’s all I want. I took a lot of photos of the festivities and then spent a lot of … More birthday party day

signs for the new year

We Jews are very clear that we must not be superstitious, right? We avoid doing things without meaning. But of course, we have dozens of traditions, sometimes the meaning for which has been lost or broken along the millennia. One of the traditions that seems to have a backing in Halakhic sources is having certain foods … More signs for the new year