making space

Timing is everything. There are, thankfully, known processes that are valuable in getting a house ready to be sold. One of them is getting advice from realtors about how to make a house saleable. Another is getting wood floors in good shape; and another is painting walls neutral colors. The order is important, since the realtors … More making space

small world

We keep meeting people who are one step away from us; a couple from London/Jerusalem whose son is good mates with our son in Melbourne; former members of our community who are now living here who met our mechutanim, our daughter’s in-laws, at a genealogy convention. I have always felt that Israel is such a microcosm … More small world

how to sighn a thank-you note after a funeral

Yup–that’s what I googled. Don’t worry–it auto-corrected. I tried to get many of the acknowledgment notes written today, and it’s just hard to concentrate for too long. Of course, I could easily write the same note to everyone, and for some, I did just that (except neighbors–they might compare. Paranoia is always based on something). … More how to sighn a thank-you note after a funeral

tools of the trade

I don’t think I realized, when signing on to be the wife of a rabbi, that one of the things I would have to learn was to wield a knife. Of course I don’t mean a kitchen knife; I have learned well-enough to handle many different ones, but not as the wife of a rabbi per se. … More tools of the trade


Playing with children is always a great way to re-open your eyes. Or let’s say it this way; playing with my grandchildren is always a great way to re-open my eyes. We had the pleasure of watching our 19 month-old for the last 2 days while his parents got a little anniversary time to themselves. … More stuck