why the drumming?

As I sit in our little studio apartment in Tzfat, I often hear a delightful procession with some group singing and drumming and ululating, somewhere nearby. Ah! Here’s the shofar, too. And then they move on. It could be a bar mitzvah celebration trend that seems to have caught on lately here in Israel. Probably … More why the drumming?

Mark Twain never said nothing ’bout dancing

Or maybe he did, but he didn’t say what Brené Brown on Facebook thinks he did. She was talking about this very cute YouTube: (Isn’t it just a little more than sad that so many people stood around taping it, rather than join in? Sigh…) Ironically, then, Brené Brown quotes dear Twain as having said this– Dance like … More Mark Twain never said nothing ’bout dancing

not talking turkey

I should be happy to talk about something other than the massacre in Jerusalem, the horrifying lack of comprehension of the threats ahead for the whole world. So I will be. And it’s not talking turkey. From English Language & Usage: An “origin” and definition of this “quaint phrase” are offered by the June 3, … More not talking turkey