historic or hysteric

The Dallas Morning News 3 hours ago  –  Google+ Tuesday’s forecast: There’s a strong chance that your beautiful day, sunny with a high of 72, will be blasted with coverage of the massive snow storm in Northeast. If the relentless on-the-scene updates from battered TV reporters is too much for you, we recommend you shelter in place, … More historic or hysteric

distinctions, loss of, accents, and expiry dates

For a while now, I’ve been particularly conscious of coupon expiration dates, with the dark sense of foreboding that they unconsciously bring; so much so that I have not even been using them. [This is not completely accurate–the fact is that I have been running so quickly to the store because time has been so precious, that … More distinctions, loss of, accents, and expiry dates

defensible borders, or when did you stop beating your

self? This seems to be the mode we’re in now. Defending ourselves. Here I am as a Modern Orthodox Zionist woman, having to send out notices about our mikveh’s policy because of a power-hungry man who thought himself above G-d’s laws. And here is an article about defensible borders for Israel. All the garbage about … More defensible borders, or when did you stop beating your

catching the waves

Perhaps just as important as going through the day of Yom Kippur, with all its introspection, is the wrap-up afterwards. After all, what’s the good of a heshbon hanefesh, “accounting of the soul”, without a follow-through? (See this for a discussion how the Mussar movement made this a daily activity). So what do I remember now? … More catching the waves

oh rats

Or really, mice. We are back at home now. I am moving very slowly at this moment; I probably should have taken naps during the day. Instead, I have been enjoying uninterrupted internet access to upload all the rest of my photos from this summer to Shutterfly, after editing the last bunch of shots. Okay, I’m clearly … More oh rats