Cleaning up dignity

Today, the day after Tisha B’Av, you see all the laundry that people haven’t done since before Shabbat or even before the previous week, hanging out in all its glory. We in the West have learned not to expose our laundry of any kind, whether clean or dirty. But here in Tzfat, in particular, but … More Cleaning up dignity

the sense of smell

And why it matters. And why it differs from the other senses. And why am I interested in it? Less important than the other questions, but it is apparent from all kinds of experts that smells register differently than the other senses. I don’t need to provide links for that, do I? Well, for my … More the sense of smell

it’s possible

I heard an audio post about “Hebrew mistakes that make Israelis cringe”. I won’t judge whether they’re reasonable or not; I’ll just try to avoid them as much as possible. But the advice that he offered was to use the phrase אפשר as much as possible. Is it possible? I mean, it means “Is it possible?” … More it’s possible

is that an elephant in the room or are we not in the same room?

I had set out to write about curiosity, that being the name of the newest book that I’ve succumbed to just bought. It’s actually called Curious: The Desire to Know and Why Your Future Depends On It by Ian Leslie. I had read a review on Scientific American here. It pulled me right in, too, thus the quick purchase, … More is that an elephant in the room or are we not in the same room?

according to this, i’m really in trouble

This article about siblings has been going around lately on Facebook, for whatever reason, even though it’s a few months old, which is ancient these days. The benefits [of siblings] can carry into old age. The literature on sibling relationships shows that during middle age and old age, indicators of well-being — mood, health, morale, stress, … More according to this, i’m really in trouble