As I returned from a walk a little while ago, finally able to pick my head up from dodging the hail/sleet/snow (for a moment)/rain, I thought about how it goes at an optometrist appointment, when she’s trying to determine which prescription works best. “This? or this?” So in my deluded state of pre-Passover preparations avoidance, I … More this…or…

historic or hysteric

The Dallas Morning News 3 hours ago  –  Google+ Tuesday’s forecast: There’s a strong chance that your beautiful day, sunny with a high of 72, will be blasted with coverage of the massive snow storm in Northeast. If the relentless on-the-scene updates from battered TV reporters is too much for you, we recommend you shelter in place, … More historic or hysteric

some contrasts

from the grey here once again. Sigh. Waiting for spring to show itself here on the east coast. Flying home today, approaching landing, I saw these strangely shaped greige large plots of land with no trees, spotted by butterfly-shaped beige areas. Oh. Golf courses. Eagerly awaiting the color that I saw in LALA land. Such … More some contrasts

my house is blue

When I look out most of the windows of my house, all I see is grey, white, just a bit of anemic green of a pine tree. And the fact that the sun has gone into seclusion once again doesn’t help. My house is blue. I feel good when I come home and see it, … More my house is blue

holy mud on my boots

There’s a concept in Judaism that doing something three times makes it a habit–hazakah–or at least a halakhic presumption. We went to a funeral two Sundays ago and again this past week. I don’t want to feel superstitious, but… It looks like we’re skipping this week. Whew. Life is tenuous at best, I know. They … More holy mud on my boots

with the gray of the day

And it doesn’t help that it’s raining, with the fog that lifts off the snow. But seeing some photos people are posting of spring arriving in Israel, I think I’ll post some more almond tree blossoms shots from Tzfat, with hopes of seeing color outside soon in this neck of the woods.