making space

Timing is everything. There are, thankfully, known processes that are valuable in getting a house ready to be sold. One of them is getting advice from realtors about how to make a house saleable. Another is getting wood floors in good shape; and another is painting walls neutral colors. The order is important, since the realtors … More making space

Cleaning up dignity

Today, the day after Tisha B’Av, you see all the laundry that people haven’t done since before Shabbat or even before the previous week, hanging out in all its glory. We in the West have learned not to expose our laundry of any kind, whether clean or dirty. But here in Tzfat, in particular, but … More Cleaning up dignity

small world

We keep meeting people who are one step away from us; a couple from London/Jerusalem whose son is good mates with our son in Melbourne; former members of our community who are now living here who met our mechutanim, our daughter’s in-laws, at a genealogy convention. I have always felt that Israel is such a microcosm … More small world


A cousin of mine emailed me the other day to let me know she was thinking of us on the upcoming difficult weekend. And she hopes we are all well. Well, until she wrote it, I didn’t realize this was supposed to be a difficult weekend. The weather has been glorious; I didn’t have to prepare a lot of … More difficult?

mothers of convention

Yesterday, while walking, from a distance I noticed a man riding a bike somewhat slowly and wobbly. As we approached each other, I realized he was riding alongside a boy (10? 11?). Ah! Father encouraging Son. And so as we passed each other, I clapped for the young runner. I had a while to think about … More mothers of convention

middle-age spread

Yes, that, but today I’m referring to the spread of stuff that happens when the kids leave the house;  water seeking its own level; things finding their own corner of the universe when they had to share previously. And more stuff. Come to think of it, we had a taste of that even before they all … More middle-age spread