open and shut

Even though I said that so much here in Israel is open (see what I wrote here for reference), I’ve had a few experiences with things being closed, or difficulties with closing. Not stores–they’re accepting my money all the time. Like the doors that only close or lock a certain way and you have to … More open and shut

double or nothing

It’s our double anniversary this year. Double 19, that is. Which, for those of you who are familiar with the Hebrew calendar, means that it is the same date in the Hebrew calendar as in the Gregorian. So 38 years ago, we had chosen to get married the day before Tu B’Shvat, the 14th of … More double or nothing


Or otherwise; lack of boundaries. Or otherwise; irony of boundaries. I was walking yesterday in Efrat and realized how a curious thing about living (or at least being) here is that there is less of a pretense of boundaries. Even as you walk around, you can see into people’s homes, beyond their homes. You might … More open!